I Waste All My Time Just Thinkin' Of You (thisissomesedup) wrote in breakingpangaea,
I Waste All My Time Just Thinkin' Of You

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Okay, I hope people still read this community because I was just curious to know if anyone has the song Lullaby because I can't find it, and I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT if someone could send it to me. I'm begging, lol, because it's not showing up anywhere, and I had it before, but we had to delete it all :-(. So, if anyone is reading this, and has the song, please comment so I can give you my s/n or whatever so you can send it to me. Thanks a lot!!!
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I have it. On CD! But you can message me "ruined by trust" if you want it... I can send it. I have an away message up, but i'm here.
hi lauren!
Hello Cece dear... how are you?
Aw, thanks! I got it though. Actually someone I/Med me like 10 minutes after I posted and sent it to me. It surprised me how fast they were, but it made my day to hear that song, haha.