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I need the song started over, your crying made me miss my favorite part....

Yeah so I'm the probably the last person to join this and should have been like the second. I'm lame. My names Nathan and I miss Will and Fred. They need to come to Ohio. I'm dying to see Straylight Run.
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The 3rd dood. I was the second, and only because Cece made it. :)
No i shouldn't have even joined cause I'm the worst fan ever because I havn't updated my BP webpage in like a year and I didn't drive 8 hours to the BP/Zolof show. I suck
awwww. nah it's okay. that show was awesome though... did you see any of the videos yet? someoned posted their website w/ some videos in this community. go find it :)
you shoulda driven 8 hours to see me... and then just happened to drop in on the BP show too... that's the story i woulda told people if you had anyways :)

actually i think Rae was the second to join since she was about to make a BP community and i made it the day before and scooped her without realizing it haha Clint was like ooooh Rae was gonna do that- better email her and tell her you beat her to it and gave me her email. but now she is gone from LJ :( booooo

but that doesnt mean she is a bigger fan than anyone :)