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who else misses breaking pangaea?

all i can say is kennett square, ywca, rex's, repo records, the isc, and many many others. 2001-2003 were awesome years for me in west chester. i recently went to the show in lancaster to see fred. it gave me goosebumps. i felt privileged to shout out "human nature" another time. i hope that i get to see b.p. another time live. it's been over a year, damn. i remember when b.p. was touring w/ coheed and who?...ha, and orange island, and shows promoted by my good buddy todd. breaking pangaea, i just wanna thank you for some of the best music/shows/times of my teenage years. it meant/and still means a lot.

p.s.-the amount of alcohol i have consumed prior to writing this doesn't devalue any of the content.
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