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dropping lines....

Just thought I would drop a line in the BP camp and give an update:

Breaking Pangaea is planning to do 3-5 shows around the end of February. We aren't exacly sure where yet but its tentatively Philly, NY, NJ, maybe Ohio. Everyones schedules are so difficult to coordinate. But February should work out good for us three.

...more info to come!

I saw Freds solo show in lancaster, it was amazing. The boy has come a long way, I felt like I was watching VH1 storytellers. Thats what happens when you become a big rock star.

As far as myself, I have been helping a good friends band out playing guitar for them. We are sheduled to record a little EP at Salad Days Studio in a couple weeks for a japanese import release(crazy stuff)

If you want to check it out....

We'll see how my Electric Geetar skills hold up in the studio.

Until next time ..
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