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The Mall is Hell Right Now</b> posted on Dec 23 2004 by: fred

What a holiday it's turning out to be. We have been home for a week now and it is awesome. The band got together last week to accept this award from the College Music Awards and we had a fun night. I'm just getting ready for Santa Claus and all that stuff now. If any one is in the area, I'm playing two acoustic shows next week. One is in Lancaster, Pa at the Chameleon Club on the 29th and one is with My Chem in Sayreville. It's just me and a guitar. I couldn't decide what to name it, so one show just says Fred Mascherino and one says Basic Design (which is the name of an old song I wrote). There is a third name that's kind of funny- "The Color Fred". Anyway, I was wondering what you guys would think so I set up an email: Email me with what you think it could be called. It could be one of those 3 choices or something else. I'd be grateful for some input. Talk to you soon,


i was hoping that maybe BP would be playing too! wishful thinking.

has anyone else heard about this though?

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